How powerful is recognition?  It is so powerful it can make or break your department or company.


It's simple math:


                             Recognition = Engagement

                              Engagement = Productivity

                              Productivity = Results

                              All the above = Retention of top performers


Once all human needs are met, recognition is even more powerful then benefits and money.  I am not even talking about formal awards.   A simple thank you delivered informally in a conversation or email goes a long way.  When someone does something really amazing the most powerful way to motivate is letting Sr. Leadership know and having them say thank you.  Even those that hate being called out, are impacted deeply by it.  It is the backbone to how I have created and retained  A teams.


The leaders job is to communicate the goals clearly.  Share results of research and metrics.  Tie compensation to results with clear development plans and coaching.  Help guide their employees all year long with weekly one on ones and quarterly development plans updates.   If you tie their success to the goals and they see windfalls, they’ll understand that corporate success is closely related to their efforts in supporting the brand.


Recognition and coaching are what sets me apart.  I've been asked to lead an initiative to take a department suffering low engagement sores and move the needle.  Within one year, I raised them significantly through coaching management and the "I heart" campaign.  Employees know the real deal.



Awards: Impact Employee of the Year

Awards: Impact Employee of the Quarter

I am one of those who does not like being called out.  However, I am proud of this part of my career and impact I made.


Why not show my annual award?


Fun fact:  I designed the quarterly awards.  The thumb print signifies impact.