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Over the last 19 years, I have been responsible for thousands of creative experiences being delivered for the biggest brands, like Mercedes-Benz, Patek Philippe, Rolex and BMW . The real purpose of a Creative Director is having and communicating a point of view that ties together client desire, brand compliance, creative process and effective spend.


Having built two advertising departments from the ground floor into award-winning top-performing teams I've learned what it takes to transform and innovate.  I've learned the hard way.  The wild wild west, as I call it is where the department is working with minimal capabilities, sad processes, and only capable of delivering marginal quality.  The need for leadership, change and technology isn't only dire and the life raft needed to succeed.   The fast paced environment omni-channel marketing creates has a cadence that makes improvements seem hard to implement.  I will continually hone people and process to achieve  operational excellence.  I've built wild wild west into a vibrant corporate cities by choosing and developing the right people and focusing on their strengths, focusing on daily improvements and knowing what change management means.    Lets not forget finding the technology to ease transformation.  Above all though, creating a fun happy environment that produces innovation, rewards risk taking and creates momentum.

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My greatest achievements can't be found in my creative portfolio.  It's found in the people I have had the privileged of developing.  Build the skills people are naturally gifted in; not their areas to improve.  It takes a lot of face time to dig deep and build trust.  It is worth it.  Optimal performance is the result.




It is extremely satisfying when a large event or trade show practically unfolds because of all the preparation.  I've produced a variety of corporate and community events.  Some skills in this area:  big budget management, negotiations, custom designs, script writing, booth development, video production, setup, take down... and more.



Leadership should pay very close attention to recognition, it is the secret sauce to success of a team, department and company.  I produced a recognition program that would transform our department.  I was honored when HR took the program to all of Cox Automotive, and eventually globally throughout Cox Enterprises.  Read more by clicking the image below. 


Impact Employee of the Year

We heart campaign / Recognition Program



in 2014, I opened my consulting and photography company.  Click on the logo above to see more samples.


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Staff Award




We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" ~ Winston Churchill

The Community Relations team asked for someone in Customer Operations to be their partner and help create programs our 400+ department could execute for the community.  I volunteered.  Due to the joy this brought me and all those involved, I ended up leading this initiative for years.   Who doesn't have a great attitude when giving and feeling the sense of community it achieves.  Click here to see pictures of some events.


CDA - Partner of the Year

Transforming Spaces












OTHER SKILLS  (Full list in resume)

Creative Leader / Design Management

Creative Direction

Strategic Department Development

Design  (Print/Digital/Social/Mobile)

Events / Trade shows

Omni Channel Marketing

Agency / SAAS

B2B & B2C Marketing

Project Management

Web Development / UX & XD

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